Hello from us to Ü

About Bhüe

BHüe is a line of beauty products formulated to enhance your natural beauty so you can stand out in a room. You are gorgeous and vivacious on the inside, so it makes sense that you’d want a range of products and colors to adequately capture who you are on the outside. We all have different skin colors, eye shapes, lips, noses, etc., which make us individually fierce and stunning. BHüe exists to play up your fabulous features and outfit your every mood, no matter what you look like. Be bold. Be confident. Be yourself. BHüe. 


Our Team

We set out to create quality makeup with hues chosen by you, but we're not just making a product, we're fostering a community that's excited to express themselves and be bold.



  • Ivonne
    Ivonne Executive Director
  • Kayleigh
    Kayleigh Production Engineer